Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ambulance and Hospital

thursday,29th July 2010 - i was feeling unwell, stomach cramps, so I didn't go to work, anyway, I need to rest from the bad back pain. I rested the whole day, seems fine and ready to go to work the next day..

friday - 30th AM July 2010 - something happened and i was so upset. i really wish that old stories never came up again. its pointless. so please dear XXX, please be happy so that me and my dear hubby, and baby can be happy. Because we are so happy. We do not need problems, or issues, especially it got to do with the past. nothing can undo the past. I am all positive and happy. I hope you can too.. for your own health, and others happiness! please be happy dear XXX...because I am worried about worried until I hurt myself. it has been twice, please no more of third time..

So I was extremely upset, suddenly, I felt a shooting pain below my belly, my abdomen. i cant walk. i cant lift up my feet at all. I became so worried for the baby. I could not sleep the whole night. I waited until morning so that I can see my doctor. I wanted to go to the toilet, I took forever, every steep I took with extreme pain and tears...

Morning - we called the hospital to get the wheelchair, but they advised for us to get the ambulance. so the ambulance came, because there is no way to go anywhere without their help. it was my first time to ride an ambulance! haha..i can laugh now, but I was in all tears that time.

Doctor has confirmed that baby is doing ok. Alhamdullilah, thats all I need to know. I can bear all this pain, as long as you are fine, baby....

I was admitted as it is not safe for me to be at home. I was given medicines and frequently checked by doctors and midwives. They gave me ice pack for my abdomen, given a walking aid - i feel like learning to walk again. given 2 types of support belts for my belly. Doctor said that my muscles and joints were are fired up, not able to support the belly..thats the reason with the sharp pain whenever I tried to lift my legs. =(

Najib has been very supportive, he was besides me all the way. He helped me a lot as I was hopeless - i cant even moved..

Doctor said to stay in the hospital until the weekend - 3 days, but even being half day in the hospital seems forever, especially I shared the room with 'other waiting for labour mothers' - so all the uuhh ahhh uuhh ahhh - (contraction pains) made me thinking about 'my own labour day' takut ok!

so I begged the doctor to release me, promised him that I will take my medicines, and convinced him that my husband will take good care of me at home.

So here I am, home sweet home - i was on the bed most of the time, time yang very painful when nak gi toilet -toilet n mum to be mmg tak boleh separate. I choose not to take any more painkillers as I read all painkillers like neurofen @ibuprofren and anything that have codine , ada risk to pregnant ladies, especially the last 3 months pregnant. So I do not want to risk it. I will bear the pain.. i want baby to be safe.

Looks like i have to walk with this for a few days, which sekarang my tangan sakit because when I walked, i put all my weight on my kena minimise walking..

I hope I can get well soon. Its really worrying because ada 2 months to go for full term pregnancy. I could not believe how I entered my last trimester. where ambulance and hospitalised in the story!


Anonymous said...

Gosh Sue, this is scary. I think u should be on bed rest for another 1 week.

Praying for your health and the lil' one. Please take extra care of yourself.


AmyMizzunderstood said...

oh dear...its ok strong..will pray for u and baby..insyallah tak de need to be worry..ok?take care!

Ole-Ole Manis said...

Sue, i dunno why but im almost cry reading this entry. First the XXX and 2nd how you bear the pain. This picture speaks a thousand words. :(

Hope you & baby will be fine.

-:monalisacrv:- said...

Sue, hope u okay there.. Alhamdullilah, everyone is okay now. Get well soon, babe!

My Journey said...

oh alahmdulillah baby is well...we make doa your final trimesteer and your delivery goes pleasantly inshaAllah.......

rest well, inshaAllah everthing will be fine...

lil sharky said...

Hope u will get well soon.
I faced a similar problem like u when i was in my 2nd trimester, i had unbearable back pain, went for physio n had to take days off work. after i gave birth (during pantang) my back pain came back, then i did mri scan, unfortunately I hv slipped discs. until now, i still go to physio once a week and do lots of stretches.
I hope u dont hv what i have, it's damn painful and a hindrance to my life.

sueanne sunshine said...

thank you all for dropping a word or two.. thanks sgt!

lil sharky, oh dear oh dear..are u getting better with the treatments? i really10x hope that i would not end up with slipped disc, i know that would be the first thing we would like to avoid. do you go for normal labour, or do u opt for C?

at this stage i dont think i would able to go for normal delivery - in fear of bigger damage for my bones/muscles system. but will see if i can recover in less 10 weeks for the normal delivery. i am nervous, the thought of it freaks me out =(, especially my parents would not be here for that time. double=(.

i hope you will recover and back in shape. and as for me too! amin..

Izrin said...

unnie, u looked terrible in the picture, u must have been in a lot of pain... pls take care dear.. not just the baby.. u must take good care of urself too.. much love.

sueanne sunshine said...

yes izrin syg, i really looked terrible in the photo, malu nak post the photo sebenarnya. tapi aa, something that i can read back in future. and i hope in future sue dah recover!

thank you izrin to drop by, i miss u n all the girls back home. especially lying on the bed for the whole day makes me think of you n the girls a lot.

lil sharky said...

Doctor couldn't carry out any xray or mri scan at that time when I was pregnant, so we just dismissed it as back pain. So we didn't know the extensive of my slipped disc at that point and went for normal birth. If I knew I had slipped discs, I would hv gone for C-section. I think I meneran kuat sangat during labour and it somehow worsen my slipped discs.
I'm gonna hv it for life and now hv to be careful in everything that I do. You can read about it in my blog.
take care dear.

sueanne sunshine said...

lil sharky, im sorry to hear that..ive read your blog on it, oh dear, i can imagine what you've gone through..i actually did fell down back in 2004 in Rome, and my knee got bengkak which made me couldnt walk, that was my first time on wheelchair. naik plane with excruciating pain on the knee mmg horror, nasib baik turun, steward handsome tlg angkatkan.. hehe

then, over the years-4/5 years, i let my stress take control, being workaholic, not taking breaks, and tak jaga my postures..luckily not so big fan of high heels, sini byk walking so wearing flats most of the time. i achieved what i wanted, alhamdullilah, but, thinking about it again what ive done to my body is not worth it. im only 27 feels like 50 =(..

first time of back pain attack was after my wedding.something happened that made me cried/over stressed for the whole 6 days, before the wedding. Sue stopped crying because what my mum said to me, part of it was - its heartbreaking for her to see me i stopped and seek for better days n put all of it behind. so the wedding went,i just collapsed during our honeymoon which was just a day after the last wedding.

second was recently, which I was stressed over something, which relate to the same wedding issues. then I collapsed again.

so i can see the trend, stress can make me get the 'attack' i have to mind my stress, and yes, not overdoing the chores. im a bit of an organised person, so i like to see the house clean all the time, so sometimes, i was overdoing it like mcam tak i have to remind me of that as well.

do take care of stress dear ppl, u dont know what it can do to you...pls take care..

Miss Inaza said...

Salam sue,

Hope your recovering fast, praying for you and your baby’s’ health. Take care and get enough rest… set aside the work stress… you are about to deliver in few weeks time didoakan semoga everything will go well and murah beranak *amin*

myra said...

sueeeee my dear! siannye kawan i yg jauh di perantauan ni..

your face looked like you were in terrible pain. i hope u will recover soon sayang! and dont stress your self up k? if u stress baby triply stress. I really want to know whats up with the wedding stress yg buat sue sampai back pain. I hope that it will be better.

and go for csec if you must, i know dr's there tak simply csec kan? so if they advice do it k if its for your own good, sbb i know most of us want a normal drug free delivery kan.. but do whats best for you in the future, nanti kalau it worsen susah u nak jaga ur little one. I went thru an emergency csec, so i know how frustrating it was. but lama2 i felt releived and redha cause its Allah's plan for us, its always for our own good. InsyaAllah. k dear take care. pls lemme know if you need someone to talk to or to discuss bout pregnancy k? muahh

sueanne sunshine said...

miss inaza - thank you! sue now can start to walk balik without the walking aid but sue jalan mcam ketam. but i get too tired easily!

myra dear..i didnt know that you went for csec. i have been thinking a lot about it..tanya around malaysian doctors yg ada kat sini, told them my condition, they said, yea, most probably opt for csec. but yes you are right myra, kat sini very strict if nak go for selected csec, doctors nak kita go through normal dulu baru csec. tu la yang ada cases like baby lemas, amik epidural sampai 2 kali, went through all the sakit, then baru potong. horror sgt..remember intan shafinaz? she told her experience beranak kat UK, kesian dia cuz she went through semua complication, then baru the doctor performed csec. poor her.

well, at this stage my physio ckp she will try to fix me during these last 10 weeks. i will try to seek more advice from my doctor and see.

=( nervous...