Sunday, August 29, 2010

do u fly @ 33 weeks pregnant? i did ! =)

I'm at 33 weeks!yeay! soon after recovered sakit, trus berjalan.. hik hik.. actually hubby went for a business trip to london, so he wants me to teman him, which also Sue teringin nak pergi cuz of the food! london byk restaurants halal n i'd say cheaper than the ripped off Dublin.. since everything is paid I flew to London with my big belly!

Suprisingly no one asked sbb the possibilities they wont let me fly mmg high! i had my doctor's letter to say its safe for me to if anyone asked, sue ada letter! =)

it was a risky trip..cuz i had to fly alone from Dublin to Luton airport. yes, we went with different airlines. naik plane sorang =( then, i had to manage alone, renting the car n drive from Luton to Heathrow where I met my hubby there. Actually I haven't been driving for almost 9 months, since balik Malaysia for my wedding n since the back pain at the start of the year. Hubby did all the driving all these times, n imagine, with my big belly n lama tak drive..this trip was very challenging for me.

Very tempting to shop for baby stuff in London..more choices! near Luton airport ada Babies'r'Us - the collections are sooo cute. more of pink stuff for baby girl..since her cots n bath are all teddies theme..I think put a bit of girly-ness to her room...

in London we stayed at the Sheraton Skyline Heathrow hotel..nice hotel, which is near hubby's workplace..

while Hubby is working, Sue stayed alone at the hotel, well at least the hotel ada starbucks n i can facebooking! and I went for a swim. Best nya rasa verryyyy light! have you done any swimming while pregnant, try la.. mmg recommended by doctors! dont worry about chlorines, it wont affect the baby..

went makan kat C&R in Bayswater, Udang butter dia mmg superb, one of the best! Also, Satay House ada ice kacang..hooray. Jom Makan at Westfield ada gado gado yang delicious.
The best thing about the trip is tak naik tube langsung, oh i hate them, so crowded, n not suitable for me yg baru heal jalan n big belly ni. We hired a cheap taxi cab..oh tak mampu nak naik black cab everywhere..they are saiko mahal..anyway , everything company covered from transport, hotel n makan, so what more can we asked!

thanks hubby who dragged me to London, as he knew that I wanted to go away from Dublin, even for a short while, or short distance, before baby is born. i'd say, I am a very happy mummy to be..

syukur pada rezeki yang ada and for more rezeki to come, InsyaAllah..