Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Checklist (*updated)

Baby Checklist

Pram/Travel System
  • stroller - Stokke complete system also with carry cot in red - in my previous post, konon nak jual bcuz I wanted to buy the purple set, but I think we just stick to red =)
  • stroller travel bag - Stokke travel bag
  • car seat - Maxi Cosi in deep red - can be used with Stokke - just get the adapter.

  • baby changing/nappy bag - still could not find the one that I really liked. Cath Kidson's bags kinda nice, or Juicy Baby - but this is quite expensive (likely wont buy it). Or I just use my Coach Orange Bag.saving skit! -*(at the moment- pakai je orange coach n already bought the changing liners n bottle bag)

  • baby sling -Sorry.I do not like the idea at all.
Bed Cot/Bedding/Baby Drawers

Our idea for the baby space is Teddy! Neutral and cosy. We would not able to have a baby room yet, so we will separate the our bedroom to two parts, our space and baby's. Yes, we do not want a pink room.
  • Cot Bed - internet -, very efficient! Sleigh cotbed French-Victorian design with dark cocoa colour and can be converted to toddler bed when baby dah grow big - up to 4 years.
  • Cot Bed Mattress -from kiddicare too - Sweet Dreams Mattress
  • Bedding Set - We bought the set from Mamas Papas which includes Quilt, Bumper, Fleece Blanket, Jersey Fitted Sheet, Fabric Lantern, Curtains, Tie Backs and a Teddy bear. =)

  • Musical Mobile - the same theme. teddies!=)
  • Dreampod - As baby will be an autumn baby, kena tebal..may this thing keep you warm and cosy while sleeping baby...
  • baby drawers , done. Baby's space to take in shape now.

Baby Clothing Essentials/Baby Dresses
  • Sleepsuits/all in ones rompers
  • Long sleeve / short sleeve / sleeveless rompers
  • fleece clothes/jackets
  • socks,hats,bibs,mittens and booties
  • Pramsuit
  • Swaddling Cloth
  • Fleece blankets, Cellular Blankets
  • Flannels and Muslin Square

We bought the Tommee Tippie feeding set. I was comparing the Tommee Tippie with Avent, after my research I found that both are really good and serve its purpose, but Tommee Tippie has better reviews and the bottles are so cute!!
  • Tommee Tippie Essential Sets includes BPA Free 1 x Electric Steriliser, 1x Bottle Warmer, 6 x 260ml bottles, 4 x 150ml bottles, 2 x medium flow teats, 2 x fast flow teats, 6 x Milk Powder Dispensers, 3 x Milk Storage Lids, 1 x Pure Soother, 1 x Teat tongs and 1 x brush
  • Bottle bag - the Tommee Tippee Insulated Bag

  • Bottle Steam Cleanser bought at Boots
  • Bottle Drying Rack - found them online - boon grass drying rack
  • Breastpump - would like to have Medela Freestyle, in Dublin can order for Eur299 which 1 day delivery. Wish to buy in UK for gbp199, tried a few times to order but cancelled due to delivery restriction to the hotel. a bit disappointed!
Bathing/Baby Care
  • Baby Bathing Set - Thank you Kakshue for the pressie!!! Love the Pooh Bear set!
  • Baby Bath Stand done. Compliments the bath set =)
  • Baby Box. to get things organised
  • hooded towel love this please look after me bear hooded towel! spare towels also bought
  • Baby Shower Cream, Shampoo, Lotion, Oil Johnson's bedtime range and Burt's bee starter set..
  • Baby wipes, Cottons buds, Cotton Balls done
  • Baby Grooming Set Received as presie..thank u Yas!! cute sgt bunny. Also bought Tommee Tippie Grooming kit which comes with a thermometer!

  • washing detergent for baby clothes bought a non-bio washing detergent
  • changing mat bought the one which compliments the bedding set - bedtime hugs mamas papas collection.
  • Diapers Huggies starter set and pampers new baby size 1 & 2
  • Tommee Tippie - Disposal Diaper System received as a baby shower gift. Thank you kak yani and kak Shuxie!! best sgt!! now no worries about diapers management! =)

Swings, Toys, Playmat n Gym & Baby Monitor

  • Swings - Honey Ripple from Mamas & Papas
  • Playmat , PlayGym received as a gift. Thank you Nell, its very colourful!
  • Toys -bought a few, more fond to bunnies and teddies!
  • Baby Monitor and Baby thermometer- Baby monitor belum beli, will buy it someday!
For Mama to be

  • Dream Genii Support and Breastfeeding pillow I am happy with my DreamGenii Pillow, still having a goodnight sleep still now (35weeks preggie)
  • Hospital Bag - in progress
Labour Bag Hospital Bag
Maternity Notes 2 Nightdresses
Birth Plan Dressing Gown
T-shirt or Night dress Slippers
Socks Maternity/Sanitary Towels
TENS Machine Cheap or disposable pants
Books/Magazines etc Nursing Bra
Camera Nipple cream
Water Spray Breast Pads
Vest for baby Clothes to go home in
Sleepsuit for baby Towels
Nappy for baby Toilet bag with toothbrush, soap etc.
Snacks and Drinks 3 Sleepsuits
DreamGenii 3 Vests
Air Selusuh Pack of Newborn Nappies
Ayat Ayat AlQuran Nappy sacks
Iphone/Ipod with ayat AlQuran Cotton wool
baby scan pictures Nappy cream
shower cap Baby bath

Muslin cloths

Scratch mitts

Feeding Equipment

Coat/Shawl/Sunhat as appropriate.

Paper tissues

  • Confinement set - dah order Nona Roguy. I'll see if its any good.
  • Nursing Bras
  • TENs Machine - Pain relief during labour. Can be rented for 4 weeks, between EDD
  • Baby Record Book - Thanks Dot for the pressie! =)
  • Baby Clay Imprint - for memories of those little fingers and feet!

As being a first timer for all this, I might miss a few things! please do update me if I need to get those things which are important!!

can't wait to hold the baby and give my best love n care to her.. another 5 weeks to go when I am updating this.

mucho Love,


Lea Shmea said...

hey kak sue! u've pretty much covered all. firstly, i love tommee tippee (TT)! used to use avent for my baby but after 2 months plus, the cap started to become loose. asyik keluar je susu when u shake it. geram! btw, didn't know there's a TT bottle bag. kat sini takde jual pulak. how much is it?

i personally love anakku bottle cleanser. have tried many brands, but that's the best so far. but dont think u can get it in US. and bottle drying rack is important! keeps all baby bottles organized. such a wonderful invention. hehe.

freestyle (FS) is awesome & very convenient. its sound is most discreet compared to other medelas or other brands. trust me on this! others sound like lawn mower compared to FS.

my baby use cetaphyl shower gel cos she have sensitive skin. the dream genii pillow nmpk cam best. u bought it online? whats a baby memory book? like a journal is it? heard fabulous moms nursing bras are good. but havent try any.
i guna nona roguy dulu. memang elok. cepat kecut peranakan. can u elaborate on that TENS machine?

sueanne sunshine said...

hello Lea, thx for sharing infos!..oh TT bottle bag skrg its Eur9.80, discounted from Eur11++. im going to buy it online, u nak i order ke for u? i hv no problem with tht its just, if Sue posted to u maybe the postage cost will add the cost. but if u dont mind, sue boleh je order for u..

oh yea anakku botol cleanser bagus? i can pesan from malaysia, now ni gather info n list to pesan all that i need..Nona Roguy is one of em!

dear..sue kt Europe la. ahh really wish im in US tho..hehe..

tu la..all the hype n good reviews for Medela FS so sgt tempted to beli! wont look for other types or other brands =)

dream genii sue bought in the shop we call mamas & papas baby store. sue do not hv problem sleeping using this pillow n it gives comfort to my back yg pain ni..

yes its a journal book, which ada slots for first time baby for everything, from baby scan photos, to baby first drawing..sumthing like that. i like will treasure all her growing process!

oh TENS machine- malaysia tak ada lagi? its a free drug pain relief for contractions..dia ada byk level which lagi u feel stronger pain, so u use stronger level. ive read a good reviews bout it, but the TENS takleh lawan the -happi-dural(epidural)! google MamaTENs, it will give u info n how it works..the videos r kinda cool.take a peak!

sueanne sunshine said...

i mean..take a peek!

myra said...

sue!! im liking the baby monitor and i consider it very reasonable as ade camera kan? do u think it will trouble you in your condition for me to pesan one? if susah i TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! muahh.

sueanne sunshine said...

hi myra sayang..! id be more than happy to help you. myra gi to this link.. or

but i really like the motorola on mamas papas (first link) at 139euro.

let me know which one you prefer. and sue will order for you..

when do you need it Myra? I will think of a way to post or pass it through someone to get it to you..

myra said...

darling, how to call or chat or skype? senang nak cerita(real time) ;p i have yahoo and windows messenger, kalau nak chat kat gmail pon ok. just lemme know your prefered time and day. btw, you still on medical leave?

I hope you are getting better. muahh

myra said...

Motorola - Digital Video/Audio Baby Monitor 2.4'' colour screen - Euro100. I like this one la yang!!! mode of payment? and timing and stuff, i tak nak susahkan u tau. so only get it if it is convinient to u, lemme know when we can have the chat? muahhh

sueanne sunshine said...

myra dear, sue baru download the new msn msger. add me k

sue still on medical sue ok nk chat whenever =)

myra said...

darling, im usually online at all time during malaysian time 10am to 3pm? Which is morning kan for you. so you suggest a time and day and I will log on during that time to suit the future mommy yg dah sarat mengandung's time. ok dear?

p/s: kalau boleh give more than one option. muacks!!!

sueanne sunshine said...

a ah time sue bgn pagi, myra dah lepas 3pm. sorry myra.

what i can do is sue bgn sahur which i think pukul 10-11 pagi in malaysia , then maybe sue can online. sue try k tomorow?

or, myra can u gimme your number sbb i just got my phone back, hilang phone byk kali since pregnant. apsal ntah..


Sha Pattinson said...

OMG semua comel2 belaka ...sweet ...good research sue love it!!!!

{f a r a h} said...

I've the xplory in red too! Bestkn!!!

P/s: stokke CS mmg tiptop.

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